Earthbound/Mother is one of my favorite game series, so I wanted to make some icons for it to just express how much I love it. 

I started with some quick sketches of a few of the characters I wanted to make into icons from the games.

Poo was probably the easiest to do I just had to base him straight off my sketch, plus he is a pretty simple character.

Next I did Ness who was the base face shape for 5 of the characters, Paula, Lucas, Kumatora and Claus.

I tried to keep a lot of the same characteristics of the different faces so they had a unified look and style. The shading is the same, almost everybody has the same blush size on their cheeks and most of the eyes are the same.

The character I had the hardest time with was Kumatora 

Her crazy hair was easy enough to draw on paper but proved challenging to do in illustrator. While Most of the characters hair was made of at most 4 simple shapes Kumatora had some wild hair, so trying to figure out a way to make her hair still fit in the style I had established took a while. In the end I decided to just break the rule a little bit with her.

This project was very fun. Trying to take these characters and keep the feel of the game they came from took a bit of work, it was totally a labor of love.

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