This project was pretty crazy. I made this watch to show that you can make something look photo realistic in Illustrator. Many watch companies don't even use photographs of their products to show them off. Like the Apple watch, I don't think Apple has even released a real photo of the thing, so I wanted to replicate a watch.

I picked a real photo of a Fossil watch and went from there. First I started out with the circles, there are a lot of circles. Once the main frame of the watch was done I moved on to the finer details, the ticks, hands, the logo and so on.

Once I had the general shape of everything I started using gradients  to get that metal looking effect and after several hours of messing around with them I was happy with it. I added in the glass to the watch to make it a little bit more true to life.

The thing I had the most trouble with was the watch bands. specifically the stitching. After probably 7 or 8 attempts I finally got something I was happy with. The coloring and shading is done mostly by blurred shapes set inside of the band, I tried out the new gradient tool in Illustrator 2019 but wasn't working for with what I wanted. But after a while of tinkering around I am pretty satisfied with it.

I'm happy with the end product and I hope I can do more of these in the future.

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