For this project I wanted to make a gig poster for a fictional band. I saw all these crazy creative posters and I wanted to see if I could come up with something that a band would be proud of. So I got to work.

After doing some brainstorming and going through a few ideas.

These were my first few sketches I did, I had several different things but eventually I settled on an Oni Mask
This was the sketch I based it off of ad then I went to work.

This was my first draft.

I hadn't decided exactly how I wanted it to look, did I want it to have outlines? Did I want it to evoke the 90s? So I took it to some friends and they suggested that I get rid of the outlines and maybe I should try a new color scheme.

So after a little bit of time I came up with this, inspired by the Starboy album cover I made the pink into a red and darkened the color of the mask and adjusted the placement of a few things. Over all I am super happy with it.
I think it would fit very well on a wall of gig posters at a local theater or joint. What I love about gig posters is you can do anything you want to, there are no real rules, just make it stand out, and I think that I accomplished that.

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